Sectional Screw Flight

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Sectional Screw Flights / Screw Auger / Spiral / Screw blades are individual turns which are prepared from steel or wraps around a thick massive steel bar formed into a helix twisted both ways left and / or right with a pre decided diameters and pitch. The outside diameter range may vary from 20mm to 2500mm and the standard thickness may go up to 2mm to 50mm. A screw auger or a spiral can have a standard pitch which has to pre determined. The major applications of the screw blades or sectional flights may vary from grain and cement handling to coal handling. The utilization may also be carried in pharmaceutical and fertilizer industries.

Sectional Screw Flight is a screw conveyor provided with Spiral Flight OR Augur Flight. Augur Flight is obtained by cold rolling steel to desired shape for transporting material. Sectional Screw Flight is used to pass Heating OR Cooling liquids .It can be also useful for mixing liquids. Sectional Screw Flight is used in screw conveyors.

We SPIRALLINK BULKTECH make available to our clients, best sectional screw flights / Augur Flights which are perfect and easy to assemble without any problem.

Outside Diameter Range : 20mm to 2500mm

Standard Thicknesses : 2mm to 50mm

Pitch Range : Standard Pitch, Long Pitch, Short Pitch, 20mm to 2500mm

Flight Orientation : Left-handed I Right-handed

Material Types : lS2062 I A36 Carbon Steel, Ar235 I AR400, HARD OX 400 & 500 I SAlLHARD, ABREX 400 & 500, Stainless Steel Type 304 I 316.

Applications : Grain, Cement handling / Coal handling, Pharmaceutical Blender, Ribbon Blender, Feeder Wagons, Mixer Wagons, Augers Food Handling, Fertilizer, Mining, Underground Boring etc.

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