Short Pitch Single Flight

Spiralink Bulktech - Short Pitch, Single Screw Flight Manufacturer, Exporter in India

Short Pitch Single Flight

We spiralink bulktech, are the manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of best quality short pitch single flight. A small and short pitch flights has 2/3rd of the diameter of screw flight which is used in inclined and vertical applications.

Short pitch single flights used for fluidic, materials mostly recommended for inclined purposes. With the excess of 20 degree rotation short pitch conveyors used for flow of fluid characteristic materials. Main purpose is to flushing the material with free flowing liquid material, with increasing speed and durability. with the help of Short pitch single flight, fludize materials would be flushed from Screw Feeder Machines.

In Short Pitch Single Flight, Pitch is small. It is 2 / 3 of the diameter of the flight. Short Pitch Single Flight is recommended in inclined / vertical screw conveyor applications.

short pitch screw flights designed for fluidized characteristic of material, used for bulk material handling. For efficiently conveying of bulk liquidized material, short pitch screw flights have thousands of industrial applications.

Main function of these sectional Short pitch single flight is to transfer liuquidized and viscous bulk materials from one process to another. Short pitch single flight completes the best purpose at very cost effective and minimal maintainance for operational requirements.

Short pitch single flight used for Dry granular or powdered materials for inclined conveyors having a slope of 20 or more. This is exclusively used as feeder screw including vertical conveyors. The purpose of this screw flight is in dosing material applications.